Friday, December 17, 2010

Thank You for Your Generosity

Dear CMA Students, Families and Community:

On behalf of all of us at Central Montessori Academy, I would like to say thank you to each of you for your support and generosity during this Holiday Season. Here are some of the highlights of your generosity:
  • Our community raised $146.96 for our Pennies for Peace Campaign.
  • Many area families were able to have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Our families contributed so generously to our staff holiday fund that each CMA staff and team member received a $100.00 gift card to Target.
  • Our fundraising and development efforts have been very successful due to your participation.
  • Our classrooms received wonderful gifts form you and your children during today's gift ceremony.
Have a wonderful holiday season and winter break. All of us at CMA all look forward to seeing you and your children in the new year!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Article by Our Very Own Miss Kristin

Pictured above Nate, Emma and Fin show off some very large leaves found as they explored the natural areas of CMA's backyard. Kristin Patterson, one of our Lower Elementary teachers, has written an article about her observations of the children in CMA's backyard. Her article is complete with children's photos. drawings, maps and quotes. To read her article click here. To download and print her article click here. Thanks for your good work Miss Kristin!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Sensorial Area

The sensorial areas of the classrooms in the early childhood programs at CMA are more than just building blocks and color sorting.

The purpose and aim of the works in the sensorial area is for the child to acquire clear, conscious, information and to be able to then make classifications with the work and the material. This work does not just produce a built tower or organized color pattern, but also produces in the child a way of thinking, a system for organizing information and classifying new learning.

This work is more important for young children than ever. The amount of new information that comes to children in this day and age is much more than previous generations experienced. Children who have developed a system of thinking, organizing and clarifying information will be much better suited to the navigation of unending information streams and determining how to organize and classify all that they experience.